Person 1: “That’s no moon, it’s a planet-vaporizing free satellite militarized carrier station.”
Person 2: “I think we’ll need a better name for it.”
Person 1: “How about the The Killer Komet! The Grey Glob! The Scheiße Satellite! The Planetary ANnihilating-Neutralizing Ball!”
Person 2: “Plan B?”
Person 1: “Yeah. PLAN B.”
Person 2: “No.”

Vaporizing Planets in the Name of Science

One sure-fire way to grab an audience’s attention is to vaporize a planet, amirite?

We saw the destruction of Vulcan in Star Trek, the end of Krypton in the Christopher Reeves-era Superman, and the Death Star vaporized Alderaan in Star Wars. Even in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams went all in, vaporizing the Earth right off the bat, all because an alien race known as the Vogons want to make way for a hyperspatial express route. All this destruction begs the question…

could we really do it…?