“Percentages shown are how often the issue on each row [horizontal] was rated as ‘More Important’ than the issue in the corresponding column [vertical]. Bold and Black = ‘Win’ – Bold and Red = ‘Loss’ That is Statistically Significant”

[I added the above as a service because I can never keep the two straight]

Important issues for Millennial voters from the Harvard University Institute of Politics. For more information (and more charts), check this out.


A bit of an overwhelming way to look at this data, but really interesting once you start digging in.

Takes a moment to get reading correctly, but some interesting trends are shown regarding scientific policy.

The good: Creating a world-class education system seems to be pretty high up there, and only jobs and healthcare are rated as more important. This needs to apply to the country’s scientific literacy as a whole and not just those who choose to apply themselves to it.

The bad: Combating the effects of climate change loses to just about everything. Regardless of what you believe the extent is, it is undeniable that climate change is happening and humans are having a strong effect on it. Considering how much of humanity is located along low-lying coastlines, this is a pretty big deal.