Red-Crested Tree Rat — what an unfortunate name.

Geometric tortoise — not great at math, but still important

Araripe manakin — first discovered in 1996, already known to be endangered.


Some are cute, some aren’t, but they’re all important in their own way.

Top Most Threatened Species

More than 8,000 scientists have identified 100 of the most threatened animals, plants and fungi on the planet.

Conservationists fear these animals may die out, since none offer humans with obvious benefits.

more animals in danger…

Every animal, no matter what their role, is important to their environment. 

Similarly, we shouldn’t let animals die out because they don’t have a benefit to humans.

On the other hand, sometimes animals go extinct. That’s okay. We just need to try to limit extinct species to ones that do so naturally, and not as a result of human interference.