Universes inflating, expanding and separating from a vast multiverse membrane on an vertical timeline

The Solar System shown on 3 proportional tiers with the inner planets magnified at the top

Large Hadron Collider, Quarks and the elusive Higgs Boson

A fountain of dark energy in space around a galactic body

A Black hole engine that might be at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy

Waves of dark energy flowing within a young star nursery

No description

A field of dark matter and energy

The play of light and dark matter around a sun

A solar body falling into a black hole and disappearing beyond its event horizon


Illustrations by Moonrunner

About Moonrunner:

Moonrunner is primarily known for its science-based illustrations, especially in such fields as astro-physics, cosmology, dark energy, black holes, the solar system and such stellar phenomena as quasars, star nurseries and pulsars. We have worked with Stephen Hawking, as well as with the scientist/authors of the National Geographic and Scientific American magazines, and also those publishing with Dorling Kindersley, Weidenfeld & Nicolson and Weldon Owen.

Click on the images to see what they represent.

These are pretty trippy, and are definitely great for visualizing what may be happening during certain cosmic events. Just remember that these aren’t actual representation, and most of this is largely invisible for humans without the use of filters. 

Astounding nonetheless. I especially love the the multiverse one at the top.