Scientific illiteracy in the House of Representatives isn’t a harmless thing that can be taken lightly. Unlike schoolchildren, government officials have a vast amount of influence on how science is used by our government and understood by its citizens. By remaining scientifically illiterate, Representatives are more likely to oppose science-based solutions to problems such as comprehensive sexual education and support unproven solutions such as abstinence-only education. They are more likely to ignore warnings about climate change, preferring instead to turn to religion and other supernatural ideologies to understand changes in the natural world. Unfortunately, the result of this ignorance is real world suffering….

Why is the House of Representatives Science-Illiterate? (via canisfamiliaris)

The extent to which these legislatures appear to hold such anti-science attitudes, and the positions they hold, is distressing. There’s no way we can advance as a country if our policies are being decided by people who are determined to ignore strong scientific evidence (or scientific reasoning at all).