Sadly because I have no taken my antibiotics in days, this may be happening now 🙂 

A – Antibiotics may be the best example of evolution in everyday life, and knowledge (and acceptance!) of the general process by the public would decrease recurring diseases and limit the explosion of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The quick version of the process: Bacterial pathogen enters your body, your immune system fights it and you display symptoms (of both the fighting, like fever, and the bacteria itself), you go to the doctor and get your prescription. Take the antibiotics, and the bacteria start dying and will hopefully be eradicated by the end of the prescription.

HOWEVER, if you fail to finish the regimen, the more resistant bacteria may live and eventually, reproduce to a level that you get sick. Natural selection in action! The real issue is that next time you’re given that antibiotic, those bacteria likely won’t respond.

So finish your antibiotics, and take it on schedule. If you don’t, any leftovers probably won’t work next time anyway.