Hubble Goes Back In Tiiiiiime

If I may: Some recommended listening to accompany this post.

Over the course of 50 days, and a total exposure time of 2 million seconds, the Hubble Space Telescope captured the above image. This eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) view is like visual time travel, revealing galaxies so distant that the light that made the image was released 13.2 BILLION years ago.

That was only about 500 million years after the Big Bang! This image only contains about 5,500 galaxies because its field of view was so much smaller, and many of them are very young in this image. This means that we can use it to gain clues to how things were churning and forming in the Olde Days of the Universe.

I stared at this for several minutes, and was awed by two thoughts: How many of these don’t even exist anymore? How many stars just like ours are inside of each one?

Tour a hi-res image here, and share in the wow.

(via HubbleSite)