Last year, the comic/blog XKCD had the Internet examine various colors and name them. They ended up with a sample size of 5,000,000, and designer Stephen Von Worley turned the 2,000 most common responses into a gender-exploring interactive infographic. As it seemingly turns out, men and women call the same colors different names.

Hat tip: Flowing Data

When a comic becomes a science experiment, this is what happens. And it is awesome.

I had completely forgotten about this, but the wait was worth it. Definitely check out this hyper-interactive look on the naming and color perception differences between genders.

The things Randall Munroe does with xkcd, What-If, and his projects outside of it (like this) makes him one of my favorite science communicators. We may not need to know how powerful and how many lasers it would take to light up the moon, but the process and consequences are fascinating.

And that’s what makes science cool.