Gathering momentum

The cell says that it is uniting with eco-anarchist groups in other countries, including Mexico, Chile, Greece and the United Kingdom. Mexico has already seen similar attacks: in August 2011, a group called Individuals Tending Towards Savagery sent a parcel bomb that wounded two nanotechnology researchers at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. One received burns to his legs and a perforated eardrum and the other had his lung pierced by shrapnel (G. Herrera Corral Nature 476,373; 2011). The package contained enough explosive to collapse part of the building, according to police, but failed to detonate properly.

“Anarchists attack science,” a fascinating article in Nature. (via climateadaptation)

From the article: “The Informal Anarchist Federation argues that technology, and indeed civilization, is responsible for the world’s ills, and that scientists are the handmaidens of capitalism.”

So far, American scientists have only had to put up with Animal Liberation Terrorists and their relatively less lethal efforts in house-flooding and fire-bombing. This is a new extreme in the anti-science movement, one that is based on a truly violent and paranoid ignorance, rather than the quaint old-fashioned ignorance of our forefathers.

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Why can’t we all just learn about science and embrace its use? It seems like despite its overwhelming prevalence in our society, it is a constant uphill battle to make it publicly accepted. And now we have anti-science terrorism. What can we do but continue spreading information and why it’s important in itself, and helps more problems than it hurts?

My favorite response to this: 

 i find it ironic that the bomb your quote mentions might have been worse… if the terrorists were better engineers