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A 20-times magnified view of the pupil of a freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium amazonicum.

Image by Alex H. Griman.


A two-photon excitation view of a mouse colon at 740-times magnification.

Image by Dr. Paul L. Appleton, University of Dundee.

That blue is gorgeous.

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Science is not only beautiful, but delicious!

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub


Retinal Fireworks

Retinal ganglion cells transmit signals from the rods and cones in the eye to the brain. The retinal ganglion cells shown here have the extraordinary property that their dendrites all point in a single direction. Remarkably, these neurons respond best to objects moving in the direction that the cells “point.”

In this particular image, a mouse retina is seen with “J” retinal ganglion cells marked by the expression of a fluorescent protein. Of course, in real eyes it’s not that simple – the millions of other neurons that these are entangled with are not marked, and thus appear invisible. The image was obtained with a confocal scanning microscope, and pseudocoloured.

Part of the Cell Picture Show’s amazing Brainbow series.


cool hand angiography

An angiography is the imaging of blood vessels, usually by injecting a radio-opaque fluid into the veins and then x-raying them. This patient has a finger angioma, where a benign tumor has developed and resulted in an unusual clogging of vessels.

I think my favorite part is the delicate delta of veins under the thumbnail though.


Supersize vs. Superskinny

It almost looks like the fat is drawn on..a little diet and exercise will do wonderful things you guys.

The skeletons of some popular animated characters. The realization of how big the PowerPuff Girls’ eyes are is a little disconcerting. Artwork by Michael Paulus!



Vintage illustrations from The Human Body: What It Is and How It Works. 1959

Whatcha lookin’ at there, bottom right?

At least the her partner is being a gentleman! And I think respiratory system has better abs than muscle system does..awkward.

Anatomy Lego men.

Can I get one? Pleeeeaaase?