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The skeletons of some popular animated characters. The realization of how big the PowerPuff Girls’ eyes are is a little disconcerting. Artwork by Michael Paulus!



Vintage illustrations from The Human Body: What It Is and How It Works. 1959

Whatcha lookin’ at there, bottom right?

At least the her partner is being a gentleman! And I think respiratory system has better abs than muscle system does..awkward.

Anatomy Lego men.

Can I get one? Pleeeeaaase?



Old Anatomy Studies

I love it when art and science collide to make such spectacular offspring. da Vinci-esque.


Art of Science by Stephen Gaeta. In this project, Gaeta uses passages from significant historical science texts to form his images. 

History? Science? Art? What is there not to love about these? The DNA is by far my favorite though.