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Madagascar’s New Animal Haven

The newly established Makira Natural Park is now Madagascar’s largest protected area. The hope is that the park will protect hundreds of unique species that live in the northeastern part of the island nation.

Makira Natural Park now represents the center of biodiversity conservation for the nation.

there are more cool animals…

The best part about preserves in Madagascar is that the ports will close before any epidemic can reach them.


A smashing photo of a Horn Shark, originally by greyloch. I couldn’t help but think the little fellow’s snout resembled a moustache, so I made a few appropriate adjustments.

For the Shark Week fans!



His name is Squeaky?!? OMG, totes adorbz!!!!!!!1111`


This fellow is seriously cute. You don’t want to miss him. His poor mother.


Orphaned four-month-old koala joey Squeaky is cared for at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, New South Wales, Australia. He was found whimpering in his mother’s pouch after she was struck by a car on the Oxley Highway two weeks ago. He’s a very quiet little fella, but he’s doing OK, hospital supervisor Cheyne Flanagan said. He just clings to a little sheepskin roll that mimics his mummy.

Picture: Newspix / Rex Features

Well that’s adorable.


Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of a newly-emerged Atlas Moth (Attacus Atlas) a Chester Zoo. With a wingspan of 30cm it is the largest moth species in the world.

Picture: Peter Byrne/PA (via Animal pictures of the week: 10 August 2012 – Telegraph)



Living Color: Toxic nudibranchs—soft, seagoing slugs—produce a brilliant defense.

They’re like Pokémon, but super-deadly.

I mean, if you didn’t know these were real, you’d be all “Yeah right!” Endless forms, most beautiful … indeed 🙂


Just really cool.



Mechanical Animals by Barney Ibbotson

Barney’s illustrations detail the inner clockwork pieces that comprise various animals and dinosaur. I always wondered what was inside a T-Rex, but where’s the death rays? 

Artist: behance / website / tumblr

Agreed. Needs more death rays.

Elephantalope? Antelephant? Nope, this is the Saiga antelope, a critically endangered species only found in a handful of places along the Asian steppes. 



Animals with misleading names. Little has changed since Roman times, it seems.

Just as a friend, guys.