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Adding to the list of why ants are awesome, their method of finding, marking and directing other ants to food sources is both complex and extremely effective. They’ve had millions of years to perfect it, you know. Researchers at the Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain decided to apply ant-inspired algorithms to our own vast world of social networks. As people expect faster and more accurate search results and these networks continue to grow in all directions, the more intuitive and direct the search engines need to be able to work. 

Social network searches might be improved by ants

IF ONE of your neighbours had a life-threatening skin disease, your first response probably wouldn’t be to lick them. That’s because you are not a social insect. Ants in a colony lick their infected nest-mates, and doing so seems to inoculate them against future infection, protecting the colony.
Ants are a fascinating group of insects, and in another interesting study have been found to actively inoculate themselves against disease when a fellow ant catches something. By licking them, oddly enough. In comparison though, our early inoculation efforts involved rubbing smallpox-infected pus into self-inflicted wounds. So who are we to judge?

Ants inoculate themselves by licking sick nest-mates – life – 11 April 2012 – New Scientist