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Arctic Sea-Ice: Feeling Low. Really Low.

It’s official. Nearly a month before we see the usual “seasonal low” of Arctic sea ice as it melts throughout the summer, we have hit the record low for sea ice extent.

This means that there is now less Arctic sea ice than at any time since records began in 1978. And we still have nearly a month of additional melting to go before the autumn ice sets in.

This is due to climate change. More dark ocean water means more heat absorbed by the ocean and a chance for reinforcing these lower ice levels in seasons to come. What will this mean for ecosystems? What will this mean for those who want to exploit the uncovered mineral and shipping resources of the Arctic? What will this mean for our oceans?

This image from RealClimate shows the new low level:

(via RealClimate)

What a great graph .gif.



Siberian Lake Reveals New Clues About Arctic Climate

Scientists already knew that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average. But the new study, based on a sediment core drilled from a Russian lake, suggests the far north’s climate is even more sensitive than researchers suspected.

Give this one a read.

Take a moment and relax to Sir David Attenborough telling you about narwhals.

As the Arctic continues to melt, new open ocean is going to be created in previously unnavigable and international waters. We know extremely little about the stocks and patterns of creatures in this area, and scientists from dozens of countries are calling for regulation talks to start now. In 10-15 years these waters will be prime for international fishing and the damages that non-regulation could cause are disastrous for both us and the marine life.

Scientists call for no-fishing zone in Arctic waters