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Computational Artwork | Baran Gulesen

A quality of great art is its ability to guide attention from one of its parts to another in a manner that pleases, informs, and provokes.

E. O. Wilson (via explore-blog)



Mechanical Animals by Barney Ibbotson

Barney’s illustrations detail the inner clockwork pieces that comprise various animals and dinosaur. I always wondered what was inside a T-Rex, but where’s the death rays? 

Artist: behance / website / tumblr

Agreed. Needs more death rays.

This protein is the result of spelling out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in amino acids (with a couple substitutions being made for non-corresponding letters).


Stunning Starry Nights of Lincoln Harrison

Victoria, Australia-based photographer Lincoln Harrison has been taking pictures for just two years. Harrison says his images are created by taking one shot during twilight and then up to 500 shots in complete darkness throughout the night. Harrison says most of his pictures are of star trails and landscapes usually around Lake Eppalock in Victoria, Australia.

“Locations are chosen in pretty much the same way as I would choose landscape locations,” says Harrison. “I just drive or walk around until I see something that looks good.”

After Harrison returns from his night shoot, he processes the image in Adobe Photoshop, stacking the images using the lighten and blend modes, to create his spectacular images. He then adds the twilight image, sometimes shot using HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a combination of layer masks.

His favorite? At the moment Wormhole. You can see more of his incredible images at his website or at

We’d like to see your star trails. Send us your photos or post it on our Flickr page.

I apologize for not posting a lot the last couple days, I’ve been catching up on schoolwork and doing real-life things. Rest assured, normal posting will continue shortly!


This Imaginary Foundation Stardust art print, inspired by the words of Carl Sagan, can be yours. A limited run of 500 was made, available for $75 at the link! Let me know if you need my mailing address.

(via Boing Boing)

Ditto that. These are beautiful.


Fractals, Parasites and 3-D Reconstructions: 18 Startling Science Images is a Scientific American gallery of winners of the Czech “Science Is Beautiful” contest. Check it out to see more startlingly beautiful images like these.


via Neil deGrasse Tyson

So sweet of them!

The skeletons of some popular animated characters. The realization of how big the PowerPuff Girls’ eyes are is a little disconcerting. Artwork by Michael Paulus!


Coral Rekindling Venus a film by Lynette Walworth.

Imagine global co-operation for a global problem. Imagine corals as the barometer of climate change. Imagine we are the pivot point. Imagine rekindling Venus.

My intent is to leave the audience with a sense of wonder for the complexity of the coral community and a deep-felt longing to see it survive.

What is apparent when you watch the film is the remarkable survival mechanisms already at play in the community of coral reefs, mechanisms that will be put to the test in the coming years. We might see ourselves as two different communities interconnected in our own survival.

– Lynette Wallworth

Watch the stunning trailer.