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Neil deGrasse Tyson takes us inside NASA’s undersea mission to save Earth from an asteroid, all the more reason why space exploration needs all the support it can get but is hardly getting.

Terrestrial science, even that that is underwater, is an essential precursor to extraterrestrial science. A really interesting look at how we are perfecting techniques to visit an asteroid by living underwater. This project is the last of its kind. Don’t let it perish.

As was predicted, the company Planetary Resources is beginning work on the prospecting and future mining of asteroids. No timetable is set, but it’s possible that the mining (by unmanned robots) will begin as soon as 2025. Expected rewards range from tons of rare metals that can be applied more liberally from anything from catalysts and fuel cells to defibrillators, to water that can be applied as radioactive shielding, remade into rocket fuel, and cheapen the cost of living in space. Obviously there will be some road bumps, but it’s an exciting announcement all the same!

Asteroid Mining Venture Backed by Google Execs, James Cameron Unveiled