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Meteorite plunges into ocean off Australian coast

We’ve recently seen the fireworks show that happens when a blazing meteorite unleashes a fireball across the daytime sky, as this one recently did in California. We have also seen the amazing new and exotic minerals that they hold, some of them even older than Earth.

But I’ve never seen a shot of a meteor falling through the waning light of a sunset before. This beautiful photo was captured by Perth resident Gavin Trought as a meteor likely disintegrated through the path of the setting sun.


What are the chances of capturing a shot like that? Astronomical perhaps! A gorgeous picture.

The Square Kilometer Array is truly an incredible project and I can’t wait to see what it produces in a decade or so. It’s also a huge boon to Australia and South Africa in particular, bringing both huge economical and scientific rewards to them. The breadth of its uses sounds like something from a sci-fi novel or computer game: 

The SKA will map precisely the positions of the nearest billion galaxies. The structure they trace on the cosmos should reveal new details about “dark energy”, the mysterious negative pressure that appears to be pushing the Universe apart at an ever-increasing speed.

The telescope will also detail the influence of magnetic fields on the development of stars and galaxies. And it will zoom in on pulsars, the dead stars that emit beams of radio waves that sweep across the Earth like super-accurate time signals.

Astronomers believe these dense objects may hold the key to a more complete theory of gravity than that proposed by Einstein.