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A plant’s flower pod ready on the cusp of blooming. Beautiful. Possibly an allium? 

If anybody knows, speak up!


America Revealed

  1. Visualization of internet distribution;
  2. The pinpointed distribution of the unemployed;
  3. Domino’s Pizza’s raw ingredients’ delivery routes in the Northeast;
  4. U.S. electricity network routes;
  5. Traced paths of deceased bodies being transported to their hometowns;
  6. U.S. imports and exports of beef;
  7. All the people in America’s towns and cities.

Full episodes of the series can currently be viewed online for U.S. residents only.

Not strictly science, but some beautiful and novel graphs. It looks like everybody who dies is flown to either Miami, NY, LA or Chicago.

An artist’s rendering of The Bay Lights project, proposed by Leo Villareal, who wants to add 25,000 white LED lights to the Golden Gate Bridge for its 75th birthday. the lights would move in ways that reflect the city, from water to weather to traffic and searchlights. Visible from the outside but much less so from those trying to drive inside. Pretty cool idea.

Artist Peter Madden makes some really cool collages. This is an example from his set made up of cut-outs from old National Geographic mags, old encyclopedias and dated nature books. 

Awesome idea, fantastic results. It’s definitely worth checking out his collection!


Happy Equinox

Hundreds of pictures of Earth, each taken at about 6AM , showing the terminator – the day/night line – over the course of one year (2010sep-2011sep).
Taken by METEOSAT-9 Earth-observing satellite.
Watch the Video here
Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

This is mesmerizing. And beautiful.

(via The amazing plant photographs which were ten years in the making and are filled with electricity | Mail Online)

Some stunningly (sorry) beautiful pictures of various plants with 80,000 volts of electricity running across them. Through a fascinating process described in the article, Robert Buelteman laid plants on an aluminum plate that floated in liquid silicone, ran the electricity through them and then photographed them with a minute light from a fiber-optic cable to ran over the plants. He even would direct electricity to certain areas using a wand and car battery. Beautiful mesh of art and science.