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Caleb Charland is a master at crossing analog photography with scientific curiosity. He’s done quite a bit of breathtaking science-infused work, but this particular series is a nifty little accident.

For his Biographs, Caleb coats film with a layer of agar, and allows bacteria to ea through it. They soon eat down into the gelatin layer that holds the film’s silver emulsion in place, allowing distortions and nebulous patterns to form where the microbes grow. 

See more at his website below.

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This is beautiful in an odd, but really creative way!


More science/photo experiments from Caleb Charland. Couldn’t resist.

This is a simple battery made from a stack of coins and saltwater-soaked paper. A grade-school science experiment, but a photo that captures the simple “wow” feeling of an experiment, don’t you think?

FastCo.Design has a gallery that you won’t want to miss. He is one of the most creative capturers of curiosities working out there, if you ask me. And no Photoshop on any of them!

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