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A 20-times magnified view of the pupil of a freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium amazonicum.

Image by Alex H. Griman.


A two-photon excitation view of a mouse colon at 740-times magnification.

Image by Dr. Paul L. Appleton, University of Dundee.

That blue is gorgeous.

I apologize for the lack of real posts recently. With school starting, I’ve been busy getting into classes and involvement. Once I’ve got everything together, expect more in-depth posts and fewer reblogs. Until then, feel free to message me about anything!


A section of a corn stem at 100-times magnification.

Image by Rakesh Bhatnagar, University of Alberta.

That’s a mightily surprised corn stem! And a little on the creepy clown side.

The parts of the cell, complete with microscope illustration. 


A crystallized mixture of glycine (the smallest amino acid), tartaric acid (commonly found in many wines), and resorcinol (a component of some skin creams).

Image by Edy Kieser.

This is beautiful, it looks like a flock of golden birds in the sky. Can’t determine if it was purposeful or not..


The Arachnoidiscus sp. diatom at 800-times magnification.

Image by Peter Webber, Planapo Optical.

Biocanvas has some really excellent pictures you guys!