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Cobalt Chloride (Pink), Chrome Alum (Purple), Copper Nitrate (Blue), Copper Sulfate (Blue), Copper Acetate (Blue), Nickel Sulfate (Green), Potassium Chromate (Yellow), Cerium Sulfate (Yellow), Potassium Dichromate (Orange), Sodium Dichromate (Orange)

Molten sulfur


A Periodic Table of Harry Potter Characters

Because you wanted to spend the next half hour doing something awesome. I’m really impressed with the organization of groups and periods on this!

(via HuffPostScience)

Caution: He and R, despite both being noble gases, are quite reactive.


A crystallized solution of succinic acid and urea at 50-times magnification.

Image by Edy Kieser.


An electric field placed across layers of polydimethylsiloxane and polystyrene on a silicon wafer.

Image by Catherine Russell and Amanda Leach, University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Image of 3-D, synthetic DNA-like crystals created by UCLA chemists Yaghi, Deng and colleagues.

Credit: CNSI, UCLA–Department of Energy Institute of Genomics and Proteomics

Source: A method to capture carbon dioxide


A crystallized mixture of glycine (the smallest amino acid), tartaric acid (commonly found in many wines), and resorcinol (a component of some skin creams).

Image by Edy Kieser.

This is beautiful, it looks like a flock of golden birds in the sky. Can’t determine if it was purposeful or not..