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I was gonna let this slide . . .


… but I just can’t.

If you aren’t in punching vicinity of a kitten or baby, read this CNN LightYears blog entry/article on the Curiosity landing. Except that it isn’t really about the landing. It’s about inventing dangerous drama instead of embracing inspiration. And I’m not gonna let that happen on my watch.

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Read Joe’s full discussion. We are on a precarious edge, one where we must lean toward proper education and encouragement of science. Otherwise we will find ourselves with a generation bred to “teach the controversy” where there is none, putting not only the US but the world behind in advancement.

One of the most influential forces in the country is the media, crumbling bastions that are leaving factual news for the more lucrative entertainment and profit business. In doing so, they are giving way by citing comments and Twitter and what-have-you as fact and spreading the idea that those who have a voice have the right to be heard. 

The issue is that while commenter Jim1968 may be a good man and an excellent plumber, he is probably not the best qualified to give insight into the importance of space exploration for society. Replacing a qualified individual with his words is detrimental to the story and its readers and makes for low-quality news.

What can you do? Support media that provide solid news. Leave input on their social network pages. And when you find a poor article, go out and find a better one and take a minute to learn about the subject. 

Because science is incredible, and the more people interested and learning about it, the further it can take us.

Where did we come from? And are we alone? To seek the real answers to those questions, you have to explore space and if you stop exploring, if you say ‘I don’t care, I’m not going to look up and out and beyond the horizon,’ what does that say about you? It’s not good.

Bill Nye, speaking to CNN about his fears that cutting NASA’s space exploration budget could set us back decades compared to other nations.

Like he says, this kind of research is not a faucet you turn on and off, it’s a slow drip that you nurture and catch every precious drop. And then you use that precious liquid to feed the soul of our economy.

More at: U.S. risks losing its space edge –

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I love Bill Nye you guys!

I would just like to take a moment to say how disappointing it is that CNN’s website has an entertainment tab, but no science. I understand it pays the bills, but really? Even the BBC makes the effort to have a science/tech section.

Edit: The BBC has a “future” tab instead of science/tech and it looks great!