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Computational Artwork | Baran Gulesen



Animals with misleading names. Little has changed since Roman times, it seems.

Just as a friend, guys.


Crystalline Candleholders Made Using The Magic Of Magnetism

Jólan van der Wiel is a Dutch designer harnessing the power of nature to create unbelievable forms. His candlesticks begin as resin packed with iron oxide. Then, through a pulley system fitted with large magnets, the  resin is pulled along the magnetic field lines into shapes that represent a freakin’ force of physics, visualized right before our eyes. The invisible made visible.

When the resin sets, the magnetic field spikes are written in air forever, with no human intervention!

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( Co.Design)

This is an incredible idea. What better centerpiece could you want?

Design studio HEYHEYHEY has brought us another Melvin, a Rube Goldberg machine designed to interact with it’s audience. The first one was a bit too large for any sort of real world application. Now they’ve made Mini Melvin, contained to two suitcases, who will (eventually) stamp and “write” a postcard for you. Both have a digital component that lets them interact with the people it meets. 

A really fun video, with a splendid soundtrack on top of it.


Art of Science by Stephen Gaeta. In this project, Gaeta uses passages from significant historical science texts to form his images. 

History? Science? Art? What is there not to love about these? The DNA is by far my favorite though.