Earth Night Seen From Space

Before Earth Day approaches let us celebrate Earth Night with a video of time-lapse imagery from the International Space Station. A big thank you to Roger Weiss, technical integration specialist for the ISS, for alerting us to today’s great show from ReelNASA.

PHOTOS: Earth Perspectives Through the Ages

The sequences in the video are stitched together from photographs taken by the Expedition 30 crew aboard ISS and show the following (a tag appears as well on the lower left of the screen during the video):

:01 — Stars over southern United States

:08 — US west coast to Canada

:21 — Central Europe to the Middle East

:36 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean

:54 — Storms over Africa

1:08 — Central United States

1:20 — Midwest United States

1:33 — United Kingdom to Baltic Sea

1:46 — Moonset

1:55 — Northern United States to Eastern Canada

2:12 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean

2:32 — Comet Lovejoy

2:53 — Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay

3:06 — United Kingdom to Central Europe

The song “Walking in the Air,” by Howard Blake, is especially chosen for its lyrics:

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Some great satellite images of Earth at night, I always love finding cities. I especially like the sprawl in northern France; the similarities between human and bacterial expansion is incredible. Not to mention a whole lot of beautiful auroras!