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The Forest of Pillars in Egypt’s Sinai Desert. Many believe the tubes were formed by lava, however it seems more likely to be ancient hydrothermal vents.

Dr. Bonnie Sampsell states: 

“The rocks are composed of hematite (a form of iron oxide). The iron oxide was dissolved out of the sandstone bedrock, to which it imparts a reddish colour, by hot water emerging from deep in the earth. As the water reached the surface and cooled, the iron oxide precipitated in a ring around each source, forming a tube.”



Wood and leather prosthetic toe used to facilitate walking, dated 950-710 BC. Found on a female mummy near Luxor. Source: (BBC)

Ancient Egyptians were at the forefront of medicine. They are regarded as the first formal civilization to document practiced medicine. The Egyptian word for doctor is “wabau”(meaning ritually pure). There were many specialities in Egyptian medicine, including what is known as modern day dentists, ophthalmologists, and proctologists.