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Some eerily beautiful fluid dynamics in the form of slow-mo water balloons. They don’t break, and the rebound is sometimes even cooler than the initial impact.

A quick look at some summer myths and why they are wrong. Want to rub up on somebody with poison ivy? Go for it. Mosquito bite? Itch that bugger. Proper amount of time to wait between hearty mastication and swimming? Continue on to find out!

Debunking some common summer myths


Isaac Newton Fun Facts
Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was without a doubt one of the most important scientists of all time, if not the most important. Here are some fun facts about ol’ Ike: 
  • Newton became a professor of mathematics at only 26.
  • Newton practiced Alchemy. 
  • Newton was elected as a member of parliment. His membership lasted only a year.
  • Newton earned the title of Warden of the Royal Mint.
  • Newton oversaw the recoinage of the whole country.
  • Newton was knighted because of his political activites.
  • He was named after his father who died three months before Isaac was born.
  • Isaac was born early. He was so small he could have put him in a quart jug.
  • Isaac’s father could hardly write his name.
  • Isaac was one of the worst in his class until a bully at school kicked him. Isaac challenged him to a fight even though he was smaller. He won. That wasn’t enough for him, he decided to be better than the bully at school as well.
  • Isaac liked to draw, his room was even colored on the ceilings and walls.
  • Newton was born on Christmas.

Posted a little bit ago, he is also Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s favorite scientist! Because who doesn’t like a guy who creates a whole new math just to prove he’s right?