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Bill Nye on the danger of not believing in long-term evolution.

All of Earth’s human explorers have been part of a largely unconscious effort to wire up an already previously verdant Earth into one global technological intelligence—making our world smaller, not larger. Today’s intelligent bipeds colonize only a small fraction of the space inhabited by our bacterial ancestors, who dwell at least six miles deep in our crust and two miles up in the clouds, as well as having left Earth entirely, and been transported to neighboring planets, as spores on impacting meteorites billennia ago.

John Smart (via inthenoosphere)


A Nude Mouse With 1 Sad Tuft of Hair Is Really a Feat of Regenerative Medicine

Look at that sad bastard.

I’ve been genetically blessed when it comes to baldness. Both sets of grandparents kept hair well into their 80’s, and my dad probably has thicker hair than I do. No grey, just plenty of hair. This mouse can’t say the same thing.

This type of mouse is genetically modified so that it can’t produce hair (in addition to having absolutely no immune system whatsoever, which makes this research possible). Japanese scientists have used human and mouse stem cells implanted along with tiny nylon tubes to stimulate fully functional hair growth in these nude mice. It even stands on end when the mouse is cold! Which is probably a lot, since it’s bald!

Imagine a future where blood vessels, skin grafts, hair and more are regrown with targeted injections of cells. That future is going to be awesome. More on these regenerative techniques here.

(via Discoblog)