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I go out a couple of hours, and the CERN guys announce (with slides written in Comic Sans :s) that they’ve found a new particle which could be the Higgs boson.

Oh goodness those slides. Not sure if really good joke by the scientists, or really out of touch with proper presentations. =|

Just so we get this out of the way right off the bat, I refuse to call this thing the “God Particle”. It makes physicists’ veins pop out of their foreheads, and I don’t want to cause them distress. Our friends at Cheat Sheet point us to this AP news article, claiming that the announcement…
More Higgs stuff, I don’t quite have a physics background to explain it sufficiently so here are some handy links to do it for you!

It’s Okay To Be Smart: It’s Higgs Time



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This is good science guys. Also, I’m pretty excited about the Higgs Boson announcement on the 4th!


Top 5 Implications of Finding the Higgs Boson 

5. The Origin of Mass

The Higgs boson has long been thought the key to resolving the mystery of the origin of mass. If physicists confirm that the Higgs boson exists, the discovery would also confirm that the Higgs mechanism for particles to acquire mass is correct. And, it may offer clues to the next mystery down the line, which is why individual particles have the masses that they do.

4. The Standard Model

The Standard Model is the reigning theory of particle physics that describes the universe’s very small constituents.

Every particle predicted by the Standard Model has been discovered — except one: the Higgs boson.

3. The Electroweak Force

Discovering the Higgs boson would also help explain how two of the fundamental forces of the universe — the electromagnetic force that governs interactions between charged particles, and the weak force that’s responsible for radioactive decay — can be unified.

2. Supersymmetry

Another theory that would be affected by the discovery of the Higgs is called supersymmetry. This idea posits that every known particle has a “superpartner” particle with slightly different characteristics.

1. Validation of LHC

The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest particle accelerator. It was built for around $10 billion by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to probe higher energies than had ever been reached on Earth. Finding the Higgs boson was touted as one of the machine’s biggest goals.

Can’t wait for this announcement, and the possibilities it brings with it. The specific results of the experiments themselves should be quite interesting.

They’re just rumors, but from the looks of it the guys at the LHC are pretty sure that they’ve found the Higgs Boson. It’ll take a few more weeks looking at the most recent experiments and data to confirm (or deny) the existence of the long-sought particle, but it’s exciting stuff. Definitely read the article, it explains it better and has a bunch of good links to follow up on.

Amid more Higgs Boson rumors, possibility of discovery announcement within few weeks