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Robot surfboard tracks great white sharks off the coast of California

What does this mean, apart from awesome? It means, you can get a free iPhone app to follow these (up to 6m+) babies around. 

Sharks in your pocket.

Way better than Polly Pocket.  

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Too cool. Who doesn’t want to track great whites on their phone?

Discovery Channel celebrates 25 Years of Shark Week


A smashing photo of a Horn Shark, originally by greyloch. I couldn’t help but think the little fellow’s snout resembled a moustache, so I made a few appropriate adjustments.

For the Shark Week fans!



Living Color: Toxic nudibranchs—soft, seagoing slugs—produce a brilliant defense.

They’re like Pokémon, but super-deadly.

I mean, if you didn’t know these were real, you’d be all “Yeah right!” Endless forms, most beautiful … indeed 🙂


Helicocranchia pfefferi, the Banded Piglet Squid.

Well, this little guy is adorable.


Keep your friends close, and your jellyfish closer…

Fish hiding out in the safety of Jellyfish tentacles. 


I always remembered which way round it was with “Hot babes, cool dudes”. 


Fun fact: Alligators work the same way!