Whew, quiet weekend around the IOTBS neighborhood. Sorry, my friends! I’ve been preparing for something big tomorrow.

I’m speaking to all of Austin’s science teachers tomorrow to tell them how much fun we’re having out here in internet-land telling all of our cool science stories. And fun it is! Thanks to everyone who provided answers to random questions I’ve asked the past couple weeks. Your thoughts will be in their ears.

Because here we’re riding with our toes over the side, on the edge of discovery. Here, we see how science intersects with everything else we love, and we’re richer for it. Here is where WOW is created.

I hope I can bring some of that to actual schools. Wish me luck!

Reblog to support Joe, he’s a major inspiration for me. I’m pretty sure a disproportionate amount of my posts are reblogged from him.

Also, this is one of my favorite science gifs. So that too.