Meteorite Hunter Discovers New Mineral Older Than Earth!

Geologist Chi Ma has discovered nine new minerals within a meteorite that fell to Earth in 1969. Most people would count that as a pretty big check in the “win” column. But that wasn’t enough. Turns out that one of them, panguite, is older than Earth itself!

The mineral, whose chemical formula is (Ti4+,Sc,Al,Mg,Zr,Ca)1.8O3,  formed in the early days of our solar system. It contains common elements like oxygen, but zirconium? That’s a weird one. The name is in reference to the Chinese mythological giant Pangu, who split yin and yang with a huge axe to create Earth.

Remember that California meteorite from a couple months ago? I wonder what they’ll find in that one?

Previously: In the early days of Earth, these space missiles were a regular occurrence, and bombardments of meteors from the early Solar System made our Moon look like it does today.

(via Wired Science)

It’s really only a matter of time until we find evidence of alien panspermia…right? Please?