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Scientists are learning how to grow custom-made body parts so they can be ready when you—and your vital organs—start falling apart. At the University of Minnesota, Doris Taylor and her colleagues strip organs of their cells, reseed the organ “skeletons” with living cells, and watch as the organs start working right in front of their eyes. more here


Seeing Beyond the Human Eye:

Technology has given us power to recreate scenes by stitching together images beyond human time scales fast and slow, to view objects so small that our ancestors didn’t know they existed, and to detect wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum heretofore invisible.

These are the technologies that give us photomicroscopy, time-lapse, and modern astrophotography. They come to us in a form that blends art and science, and at their core represent how human ingenuity has extended our powers of observation far beyond the five senses.

PBS explores “Seeing Beyond The Human Eye” in this episode from Off The Book.

( Boing Boing)

This is why we get such beautiful photos in such an array of colors. Really, most of the bright colors are a result of this photography. 

On one hand, this make space an extremely popular subject for photography. I think it does take away from similarly incredible but more terrestrially based subjects. Anything that brings art and science together is a great step though!