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Hey everybody!

So I’m super excited to let you all know that The Public Science has reached 100 followers!

I’ve been having a great time with it, and hopefully everybody has learned some cool stuff. I encourage everybody who finds one of my posts interesting to reblog it — there’s nothing cooler than a little bit of science on your page, and you might educate your friends a little too. And that’s what we’re here for!

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Who doesn’t want that?

Again, thanks for your attention and your science updates will resume tomorrow!

A way to look at how certain stimulant drugs affect your central nervous system…


…using a GIF of water filling up a sink as an analogy for dopamine:

I love simple explanations.

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What’s more dangerous: a nation full of science illiterates or a nation with one less aircraft carrier?

If you read one thing today (and I really, really hope you do much more) make it this article. The importance of science literacy in the U.S. spans a huge number of fields, not to mention a major economic requirement.

I think you have to increase the budget to allow for better paid teachers. No amount of ideology and training will sufficiently motivate the shift in education priorities if legislatures like Florida’s are seemingly against proper science education.

Group A Streptococcus bacteria

and I have been battling it out the last several days. Rest assured, there is going to be a lot of good stuff tomorrow. Some adorable animals, scientific policy discussion (both national and global) and some really cool stuff coming out of the cucumber plant department.

We’ve just passed 500 posts!

I’ve been having a great time, and I think we all have learned a lot about all sorts of scientific fields and many wonderful artistic inspirations. 

I want to encourage everybody with some spare time to go back and glance through the archive. There is a ton of neat things hidden in there that you might have missed!

Sorry for the recent lack of posting!

Summer semester has been ending and fall is about to start. Once I’m all moved in, things should return to normal!