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Marrus orthocanna, a deep sea siphonophore. The combined digestive and circulatory system is red; all other parts are transparent.


Coral fluorescence by Carlos Villoch

It is not yet fully understood why, some corals, such as those in the Red Sea, are fluorescent when viewed under blue light.

Corals possessing this feature appear to be thriving by comparison to those that do not.  It is possible that this adaptation it is used as a mechanism to filter some of the harmful rays from the sun, which gives the fluorescent corals a greater chance of survival, particularly in warmer waters.

(via “Coral fluorescence” by Carlos Villoch | Redbubble)

A long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis) lying in wait to ambush prey in Selsey, West Sussex. This photo is part of the 2020VISION project – an ambitious photography-based conservation initiative that aims to highlight the UK’s multitude of wildlife, and the crucial link between people’s wellbeing and a wilder UK

Photograph: Alex Mustard/2020VISION/Rex Features