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All of Earth’s human explorers have been part of a largely unconscious effort to wire up an already previously verdant Earth into one global technological intelligence—making our world smaller, not larger. Today’s intelligent bipeds colonize only a small fraction of the space inhabited by our bacterial ancestors, who dwell at least six miles deep in our crust and two miles up in the clouds, as well as having left Earth entirely, and been transported to neighboring planets, as spores on impacting meteorites billennia ago.

John Smart (via inthenoosphere)

Adding to the list of why ants are awesome, their method of finding, marking and directing other ants to food sources is both complex and extremely effective. They’ve had millions of years to perfect it, you know. Researchers at the Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain decided to apply ant-inspired algorithms to our own vast world of social networks. As people expect faster and more accurate search results and these networks continue to grow in all directions, the more intuitive and direct the search engines need to be able to work. 

Social network searches might be improved by ants