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Warning: This is cool.


Researchers from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt have revealed one of the oddest spiders ever discovered. The Sinopoda scurion is the first eyeless huntsman spider in the world.

‘I found the spider in a cave in Laos, around 100 kilometres away from the famous Xe Bang Fai cave,’ said Peter Jäger, head of the arachnology section at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt. ‘We already knew of spiders of this genus from other caves, but they always had eyes and complete pigmentation.

The team believe the regression of the eyes is attributable to living permanently without daylight.

Creepy, but definitely cool. It’s like an arachnid Daredevil.

The first slow-mo video of the net casting spider doing its thing: casting a silken net around its prey. It happens in a thousandth of a second, after six hours of complete stillness waiting for the unsuspecting cricket to wander into its trap.

The Mimic Ladybug Spider, found in eastern Asia, disguises itself as a ladybug (or ladybird). 

While we generally consider ladybirds (not technically bugs) harmless, there’s a reason why they can safely be such bright colors. Through a mechanism known as “reflex bleeding,” they release a noxious alkaloid mixture that gives its predators a very bad taste. 

Batesian mimicry is the term for when animals copy a design or color scheme of another, more inedible animal in order to avoid being eaten. Considering most ladybirds aren’t predatory like the spider, it could very well serve a double purpose.