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The esteemed biologist E.O. Wilson presents Advice to Young Scientists, highlighted by his Five Principles:

1. It is far easier for scientists, including medical researchers, to require needed collaboration in mathematics and statistics than it is for mathematicians and statiticians to find scientists able to make use of their equations.

2. For every scientist, whether researcher, technician, teacher, manager or businessman, working at any level of mathematical competence, there exists a discipline in science or medicine for which that level is enough to achieve excellence.

3. March away from the sound of the guns, observe from a distance but do not join the fray; make a fray of your own.

4. In the attempt to make scientific discoveries, every problem is an opportunity, and the more difficult the problem the greater will be the importance of its solution

5. For every problem in a given discipline of science, there exists a species or entity or phenomenon ideal for its solution. Conversely, for every species or entity there exists important problems for the solution of which, those particular objects of research are ideally suited.

He also can not stress enough the lack of importance of being a mathematician in the sciences, where the ability to design and test concepts and ideas is far more valuable. 

An incredibly inspirational speech, I highly encourage any budding scientists of any field to take the time to listen.

The four words that will define this century: The Earth is full.

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The other issue toward the end of the century is going to be declining birth rates in developed countries. As raising a child becomes more expensive, and countries enact laws that limit population growth (similar to China’s), the birth rate in the developed world will drop below 2.1 per family. After that, the population the shrinking and causes a whole host of problems, not to mention issues with immigration needing to be encouraged.