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Tell ya what … today is just going to be home to a time-lapse trifecta, okay? Especially with all the Jonah Lehrer stress from earlier. I think we all need a chill-out moment. 

NASA’s first images from Mercury and Gemini came this morning, then a gorgeous tour through the night skies as seen from the ISS. Now Knate Myers (who did the ISS video) has just posted this tour through the stars and sights of New Mexico.

Because of its low population density and minimal light pollution, New Mexico is a skywatcher’s paradise. Much of this video was shot at the Very Large Array, a field of radio telescopes in the middle of the state. Close to 6,000 photos went into this collection, and every one of them is a work of art. I especially like the part about halfway through where he turns off the rotation tracking equipment that follows the stars’ paths during the long exposures, and we get to see the trails extend across the heavens in concentric arcs.

HD, full scrizzle, have a great evening y’all!

Some beautiful time-lapse to start off your morning. Take the time to just relax and enjoy at least one of these videos.


Terra Sacra Time Lapse

Man-made and natural forms combine in this awesome time-lapse. Full-screen, HD, sit back and relax this Friday.

Earth, you damn fine.

(A film by Sean F. White – Music by Roy Milner)

I’m a sucker for time-lapses. This is beautiful.

Hollar at the seal at 1:10



Annular solar eclipse at Tokyo by Yoshihiro Sekine

time lapse!

Mmmm, time-lapse and eclipses. 


Another Friday Time Lapse: Under the Namibian Sky

Fridays are good for many things. One of those is treating myself to a taste of my ongoing addiction: Bad-ass time-lapse films of stars and nature.

Here’s one courtesy of Phil Plait. It’s a long one, too, so get comfy … maybe make some popcorn? As he points out, the southern hemisphere locale it’s filmed in provides some unique sights for us northerners. And best of all? The video is annotated with labels of major constellations and starry sights!! 

HD, full screen, you know we do.

(via Bad Astronomy)

Who doesn’t like slow-mo starscapes? Commence the popcorn!