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A look at the surfaces of some of our solar system neighbors.

This kind of reaching out to the public, the laymen, the joggers and dog walkers, about science and how fantastic and cool it really is it a large part of why I want to go into science writing. I have an ever increasingly broad and occasionally detailed knowledge of how the universe works, and I believe that that puts me in a position to be a better thinker, citizen, and communicator in my everyday life. My goal is to spread and instill an appreciation for science to a larger audience with the hope that it will not only improve their lives but also the ones of the people around them.

Bringing science to the people


Transit of Venus of the Day: Tonight and tomorrow, Venus passes directly in front of the sun. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why it’s kind of a big deal.


There will be more Venus transit stuff, but Dr. Tyson always gets the nod.


It’s a spectacle that won’t repeat for another century — the sight of the planet Venus slowly inching across the face of the sun. It’s starts tonight around sundown — here’s how and where to watch