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Curious gorillas gaze at a caterpillar

This is awesome. I love how the dominant male pushes the other guy out of the way to get a better look.

Here we are, walking the fine line of animal behavior and human interpretation thereof. There’s curiosity in their eyes, but is this proof that they are bored, merely checking out their surroundings, or is there some deeper message about animal cognition there?

What do you think?

(via Why Evolution Is True)

What I would give to know what was going through their heads!

I think the focus on such a small, fairly insignificant creature in their domain has to indicate curiosity on a near-human level. Not to mention there is a ton of other distractions, people everywhere, a (probably) reflective lens right in front of them.

Things like this make it undeniably clear that humans and gorillas are relatively closely related.

Check out this mind-boggling video of what the Red Bull Stratos dive will hopefully look like, assuming everything goes as planned. 

Here’s a look right after the planned jump yesterday was delayed due to high winds. The man on the left is Joseph Kittinger, who holds the record until the man on the right, Felix Baumgartner, is able to successfully jump.



Ancient Aliens Debunked

Have you ever wondered about whether the “ancient aliens” theory, and the meme-tastic History Channel show of the same name, holds any water? 

Spoiler: It doesn’t.

But we don’t like unsupported claims around here. So here’s some support: Chris White, a former believer of the alien theory, put together this hours-long film that investigates and disproves each alien claim one-by-one. Instead, scientific explanations are offered for everything from Puma Punku to Giza.

We do no favor to the advanced cultures of the past by diminishing their accomplishments via the introduction of alien technologies. The human race is an ingenious one, and modern society is not the birthplace of technology. I prefer the view that humans have been making huge scientific gains for millennia, because it enriches our history instead of cheapens it.

Ancient cultures being awesome? Is such a thing even possible? You bet it is.

(by VerseByVerseBT)




The twisting tale of DNA, animated

A fine tale of the basic structure at the root of our genome, and how each little book writes a different set of instructions.

The number of human genes referenced in the video is a little high, though. Current estimates say that we probably only have around 20,000 genes, with only about 1.5% of the 3.2 billion bases in our genome actually coding for proteins!

I can’t stress how important, especially for the younger generation, knowing how genetics works is. From various forms of gene therapy to body modifications to making synthetic life, it is a huge field with applications that I think will have enormous impact on how we live this century. 



FRONTLINE to explore how the climate change “debate” became, well, a debate. Link. Airs/streams online October 23rd, which means I’ll repost this like 15 times.

Four years ago, climate change was a hot issue and politicians from both sides seemed poised to act. Today public opinion on the climate issue has cooled considerably. Politicians either ignore it or proclaim their skepticism. What’s behind this massive reversal? On Oct 23, FRONTLINE goes inside the organizations that fought the scientific establishment to shift the direction of the climate debate.

You want “must-see TV”? This is “must-see TV”. It’s hard to imagine an issue with as much scientific consensus as climate change so twisted and misrepresented. But it happened. And continues to happen.

And here we are. I’m looking forward to this.

A crafty octopus steals a baited container deployed for a fish survey, all the while holding off a small curious shark. Pea-soup water and accompanying banjo music round off the hillbilly scene.

Luckily it was a test run, after a similar yet unsuccessful bait-robbery attempt. More videos and a better explanation of these surveys can be found here!




AHAHAHAHAHA … I can’t even … Oh man, just when I thought I was done with Gangnam Style, you pull me back in!

(video by AlexRMSTITANIC)


‘Good’ Bacteria Tries to Control Plant Immune Systems

A power struggle goes on underground between a plant and “good” bacteria as they vie over who will control the plant’s immune system.

Source: Univ. of Delaware


Considering marine science? Kind of like the ocean a little bit? Check out this video.

Michael Gil is a University of Florida doctoral student working on his dissertation, and his excellent blog gives great insight into his work in French Polynesia.

From camera-hungry triggerfish to some really fascinating research and absolutely stunning landscapes, it is well worth the read and should be an inspiration to future marine scientists.



A little weekend session of Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind by AsapSCIENCE.

There’s enough “wow” in here to tickle all of your 1,500 Milky Way galaxies worth of synapses.