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And is promptly countered by prominent science writer John Hogan, who argues that it is merely a cultural development. Both hold that we can overcome it. The difference? Hogan states that if we believe that we are meant for war, it perpetuates our going to war with the reasoning that “it’s in our nature.” Could we really become the planet’s dominant species without a temperament for killing others though? I personally tend to lean toward Wilson’s belief, and that aggressiveness was necessary for us to survive and now that we’re one top, we fight each other for various reasons. Mr. Hogan makes some good points also though, and has just released a book on it. What do you think?

The esteemed E.O. Wilson says war is inevitable for our species

Researchers looking into cutting down on the use of poisonous chemicals in military arms (flares on armor-piercing bullets specifically) have developed a few alternatives. Sodium and potassium periodate act quite similarly to the perchlorates without the negative side effects. They can also be applied to civilian fireworks which, considering they’re essentially flaming chemical baskets that rain down into rivers and lakes as well as seeping into the ground, is a great step toward cleaner celebrations.

Greener wars, greener fireworks


Wounded Viking warriors were given strong onion soup. After a few minutes someone would smell the wounds and if onions could be detected it meant that there were serious abdominal injuries and that death was inevitable.

Early medicine is always cool. I’ve never heard of this before, what an ingenious way to tell.