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More than a little disconcerting, especially considering Russell’s vipers are of the genus Daboia, which means the lurker and that lies hid(den), and enjoy living in high-density human populations. 

On the plus side, at least it’s not among the dozens of poisonous animals trying to take over Australia!


Birds-of Paradise Evolved in Lost Worlds

For the first time, all 39 known birds of paradise are documented in a single volume that reveals the beauty and unusual behavior of these unique birds, which evolved in remote and rugged parts of New Guinea, the Maluku Islands and eastern Australia.

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World’s First Liliger Born in Russia

This news is a bit dated, but certainly worth checking out. If you saw Napoleon Dynamite, then you know that a liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Ligers are actually relatively common, and when the territories of lions and tigers historically overlapped, ligers were probably found. A liliger, however, takes the hybridization one step further – it’s the offspring of a hybrid female liger and a male lion. Pictured above is the world’s first liliger, Kiara, who was born in August in Russia’s Novosibirsk Zoo. What she lacks in genealogical cleanliness, she more than makes up for in cuteness. 

If your appetite for the incredible isn’t whetted by the simple arrival of a liliger, then keep paying attention. Kiara’s mother, the liger, couldn’t produce enough milk to sustain her – possibly as a result of her hybrid genes. Therefore, Kiara is being raised by Dasha, an ordinary house cat.

I wonder what the people against gay marriage would think about this double-hybrid interspecies adoptive single-mother family. I think maybe we just won’t tell them.

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Mammoth discovery: 11-year-old boy finds well-preserved Ice Age carcass in Siberia
MOSCOW — A teenage mammoth who once roamed the Siberian tundra in search of fodder and females might have been killed by an Ice Age man on a summer day tens of thousands of years ago, a Russian scientist said Friday.

Prof. Alexei Tikhonov of the Zoology Institute in St. Petersburg announced the finding of the mammoth, which was excavated from the Siberian permafrost in late September near the Sopochnaya Karga cape, 3,500 kilometers northeast of Moscow. (AFP/GettyImages)

Wow, first the Mastodon tooth in California and now this?

Can I get some of this amazing luck too, please!?

Kids are always picking stuff up and messing with it.

“Billy! You put that mastodon tooth down RIGHT NOW, mister! No, don’t lick it!!!”

Oh wait. That’s a good thing. Turn over rocks. You never know what’s under them. Maybe even a mammoth. Although you’d probably need to bring a couple friends to turn that one over.


Cheetah GIF Chart

Take a look at your average two-story building, and that height is how far a cheetah can travel in one stride. Check out the big picture for some other crazy facts about the world’s fastest land mammal.



Frilled shark

Chlamydoselachus anguineus – Its common name comes from the frilly or fringed appearance of the gill slits, of which there are six pairs with the first pair meeting across the throat.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) has assessed it as Near Threatened, since given its very low reproductive rate even incidental catches may deplete its population. This shark, or a supposed giant relative, has been suggested as a source for reports of sea serpents.

Red-Crested Tree Rat — what an unfortunate name.

Geometric tortoise — not great at math, but still important

Araripe manakin — first discovered in 1996, already known to be endangered.


Some are cute, some aren’t, but they’re all important in their own way.

Top Most Threatened Species

More than 8,000 scientists have identified 100 of the most threatened animals, plants and fungi on the planet.

Conservationists fear these animals may die out, since none offer humans with obvious benefits.

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Every animal, no matter what their role, is important to their environment. 

Similarly, we shouldn’t let animals die out because they don’t have a benefit to humans.

On the other hand, sometimes animals go extinct. That’s okay. We just need to try to limit extinct species to ones that do so naturally, and not as a result of human interference.

Magnified peacock feather.


Madagascar’s New Animal Haven

The newly established Makira Natural Park is now Madagascar’s largest protected area. The hope is that the park will protect hundreds of unique species that live in the northeastern part of the island nation.

Makira Natural Park now represents the center of biodiversity conservation for the nation.

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The best part about preserves in Madagascar is that the ports will close before any epidemic can reach them.