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FRONTLINE to explore how the climate change “debate” became, well, a debate. Link. Airs/streams online October 23rd, which means I’ll repost this like 15 times.

Four years ago, climate change was a hot issue and politicians from both sides seemed poised to act. Today public opinion on the climate issue has cooled considerably. Politicians either ignore it or proclaim their skepticism. What’s behind this massive reversal? On Oct 23, FRONTLINE goes inside the organizations that fought the scientific establishment to shift the direction of the climate debate.

You want “must-see TV”? This is “must-see TV”. It’s hard to imagine an issue with as much scientific consensus as climate change so twisted and misrepresented. But it happened. And continues to happen.

And here we are. I’m looking forward to this.

First, cast doubt on the science. Second, question the personal motives and integrity of the scientists. Third, magnify genuine disagreements among scientists, and cite nonexperts with minority opinions as authorities. Fourth, exaggerate the potential harm caused by the issue at hand. Fifth, frame issues as a threat to personal freedom. And sixth, claim that acceptance would repudiate a key philosophy, religious belief, or practice of a group.

Six tactics used by denial campaign. Keep them in mind so that you’ll be able to distinguish denial from legitimate scientific debate.Flavors of Uncertainty: The Difference between Denial and Debate (via scipsy)