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So it seems that we should expect full genome sequences to be quite cheap within the next several years, if this trend is anything to go by. I think it’s time to start thinking about what effect this might have on health insurance.

Is a genetic disposition toward risk or alcoholism or cancer a pre-existing condition? Should it be treated as such? For what might a sequence be legally requested?

As far as things like personal medicine and gene therapy and the like go, the rapid decrease in sequencing cost is a big step forward. It also exposes an extremely private part of us, one that we shouldn’t want to be disseminated to government or corporations without a clear set of rules.


Some of these prices are incredible. More than a quarter of a million for a kidney, and $157,000 for a liver? Then only $1,525 for a pair of eyeballs…supply and demand in effect I suppose. For those wondering (few, I’m sure), all of your skin would net you ~$23,000, give or take depending on a number of factors.