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A crafty octopus steals a baited container deployed for a fish survey, all the while holding off a small curious shark. Pea-soup water and accompanying banjo music round off the hillbilly scene.

Luckily it was a test run, after a similar yet unsuccessful bait-robbery attempt. More videos and a better explanation of these surveys can be found here!

Help map seafloors and sealife in this dynamic project

Link: Help map seafloors and sealife in this dynamic project

Help scientists identify seafloor types and living species in this engaging, citizen dependent project. The hope is to identify species, map populations, and get a better idea of the makeup of the northeastern continental shelf of the U.S. 

Despite just being released, over 200,000 images have been mapped and possibly even a new species. How reliable those mappings are remains to be seen, but with such a great amount of input the results should even out.

A fantastic project that really takes advantage of the huge citizen workforce that is available on the web. I’m looking forward to see what results Seafloor Explorer can give us, and whether any similar projects pop up.

Scientists call for no-fishing zone in Arctic waters

Link: Scientists call for no-fishing zone in Arctic waters

As the Arctic continues to melt, new open ocean is going to be created in previously unnavigable and international waters. We know extremely little about the stocks and patterns of creatures in this area, and scientists from dozens of countries are calling for regulation talks to start now. In 10-15 years these waters will be prime for international fishing and the damages that non-regulation could cause are disastrous for both us and the marine life.